Logistic Systems

Our solutions provide to our customers the capacity to operate in an effective manner, maintaining passengers safe, happy and on the move.

At IC2, we integrate the use of next generation technology, a respect for the environment, and multiculturality with efficient management, a combination which constitutes the maxim of our services.

The integration of advanced technology helps our customers to reach their objectives and, based on their experience, IC2 will be able to provide a complete solution.

The IC2 experience includes a system for fines collection, fleet management, travel information systems, which together change operations at transportation agencies on a daily basis. The result is a transportation system much more efficient, with a greater capacity.

IC2 works in such a way that its systems seamlessly integrate with the existing environment and anticipates the needs which might arise in the future. The operation of technology by our teams allows us to offer our customers with founding solutions for projects and to increase efficiency as regards public resources management.